Princess of the Promiser

“Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.” -Hebrews 10:23

He who promised is faithful. God who promises is so faithful. What does it mean for God to be faithful? So many times in my life my idea of God’s faithfulness is the ease of my life. God’s faithfulness to me sounds like happiness, and comfort, and simplicity. God’s faithfulness doesn’t really feel like being alone, and being immersed in darkness, and hurt. God’s faithfulness doesn’t sound like serving, and serving, and serving some more. God is faithful to me when I am full, and when I am loved, and when I am held. However, I have found that none of this is true. When I am tired and when I am weary Jesus meets me and he is faithful. When I pour out love and receive none Jesus is faithful to love me in return.

What has God promised to me? What has God promised to us, the ones who love him and want to serve Him? He has promised to never leave us or forsake us. He has promised that he delights in us. He has promised that he is with us when we pass through deep waters. 

When I live a simple, easy life I act as if I do not need God. This is so harsh for me to verbalize, but it is so true. When I am living for myself, in my comfort, with the ones I love I don’t need my Heavenly Father to carry me. Although I have seen that when I am at my weakest this is when I am the closest to the Lord because I am 100% dependent on his strength and love. Just like He has promised, He comes to my rescue.

Recently one of the kids from the mission wrote about herself that she was “the daughter of the King.” This made me cry because she had recently come to me with questions about her faith. She told me that she is struggling with understanding all of the rules involving religion. I’ve been trying (probably insufficiently) to explain to her that God doesn’t want our rule following. I think he actually loves rule breakers (see Paul, Rahab, and Moses to only name a few). The Bible beautifully depicts how God actually used people who broke the rules and didn’t measure up to be a part of the lineage of our Savior. To me there is nothing more beautiful. God using broken, messy, imperfect, chronic rule breakers to do Kingdom work.

Just like these Biblical rule breakers, I’m probably the last person who should be responsible for loving people and children in a third world country. I’m selfish, I’m tired, and my reserve of love often runs dry. However, as soon as I start to feel parched I feel the spring of living water well up inside of me. I feel the water of life flowing through my veins enabling me to give this water of life to others. God’s promise has been fulfilled once again.

Thinking of “daughter of the King” created spinning wheels in my mind about who else I am. I am the, “daughter of the King.” I am the, “delight of the highest donor.” I am the, “beloved of the Bestower.” I am the, “friend of the Father.” I am the, “princess of the promiser.”

God promises to be faithful. He promises to come through. He promises that if we will just be still he will meet us where we are and as the ultimate Promiser he will provide for his princesses and princes.


I love this photo because it looks like Heaven is coming to touch me. I also just love nature because it SCREAMS of God’s beauty and goodness. 


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