God’s Plan

“As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:9

When I was in middle school I wanted to be a marine biologist and work at Sea World. I think I chose this profession after watching Aquamarine, and really just wanted to be a mermaid too. When I was 16 Jesus put a desire in my heart for people with disabilities. It’s so amazing how things that were never on our radars are His plan for our lives. I never, ever wanted to be a teacher. My mom is a teacher and I always like to go against the grain, but wouldn’t you know that I am a special education teacher today. Needless to say I had my future figured out very incorrectly. Now Jesus uses me every single day to love on students with disabilities. He uses me to see their potential and push them to reach new goals. He uses me to see a person, and not a label. Like God always does He took my life from what I thought I wanted to something so much more amazing and so much more deeper and with more purpose.

Once again God has placed a desire in my heart that when I was younger I would have never dreamed up for myself. I haven’t moved to Haiti yet, but I know that God is going to move in mighty ways.

None of this is about me. It’s all about God. It’s all about how He uses someone like me who messes up daily. Someone who is busy and not present to move to Haiti and love children in the name of Jesus Christ. It’s all about how He’s taking my life of living in my hometown with my wonderful job and my nice car and my great friends and family to go live out of my comfort zone and cling to Him more tightly than I ever have before. It’s about how He carries out extraordinary stories of love and faith and thankfully asks us to come alongside Him.

I pray that you will follow me in this journey and I pray even more that you would say yes to Jesus and His call for your life. I promise it’s always worth it.

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